June 18, 2023

Pastor Rob returned from his trip to Tanzania, where he visited the medical missionaries, Jodi and Stephen Swanson.  They are a nurse and doctor who work with children in pediatrics and neonatology.

In the Gospel this week (Matthew 9:34-10:8), Jesus sends out medical missionaries.  It was powerful for Pastor Rob to see this same ministry of healing, inaugurated nearly two millennia ago, continue on in the ministry the Swansons do.

Pastor Rob also commissioned the congregation today, reminding them that all who are baptized are also medical missionaries.  Well, sort of; not that we all go back to medical school, but we are all participants in God’s mission of healing the body, mind and soul of others.  With this commissioning comes the assurance and discover of two things: The cross and the resurrection.

The above picture is of Dr. Stephen Swanson.  The picture here is of Jodi ministering to a child in the NICU.