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About Us

Whether you’ve been a Christian your whole life or are not yet a Christian, you are welcome at St. Paul. We seek to be rooted and growing – rooted in Scripture, rooted in the community and rooted in tradition; yet we also seek to be growing – growing in faith, growing in service and growing in love.


Rev. Robert J. Myallis

Senior Pastor

Deacon Emily Myallis

Minister with Children and their Families

Rev. Robert Wallace

Associate Pastor

Becky Rairigh

Director of Music Ministry

Lyle Hosler

Director of Operations

Deanna Wyand

Director of Communications

Johnna McCormick

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Ellen Harpel

Ministry Coordinator

Stephanie Risser

Financial Assistant

Suzanne Black

Director of Outreach

Rooted in God’s Grace, we grow loving relationships with Jesus and each other to serve in this world.

Answering Christ’s call to revitalize lives and the community by enabling the sacred ground to become the common ground.

  • Hope
  • Community for all ages
  • Inclusive participation
  • Cooperative Innovation
  • Service