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Whether you’ve been a Christian your whole life or are not yet a Christian, you are welcome at St. Paul. We seek to be rooted and growing – rooted in Scripture, rooted in the community and rooted in tradition; yet we also seek to be growing – growing in faith, growing in service and growing in love.

Our Mission

We grow loving relationships with Jesus:

As a church, we have a unique calling to cultivate a relationship with God in Jesus Christ. In a world hungry for relationship, no other institution on earth has this calling. We proclaim Christ crucified and risen for the victory over all the obstacles that stand in the way of our relationship with God: Sin, death and the devil and all the forces of evil.

Rooted in God’s grace:

Furthermore, as Christians, specifically Lutheran Christians, we can offer great clarity on this relationship: It comes as a gift from God, given to us without our own achievement, popularity, wealth, moral goodness or virtue. God has freely given his son to die for us and sends us the Holy Spirit.

We grow loving relationships with each other:

We are cultivating a community of believers, among whom faith is grown. We believe that as Christians we have a unique capacity to cultivate community. In an age of anxiety, we offer the world a community of grace. In an age of division, we offer the world a community of forgiveness. In an age of cynicism, we offer the world a community of hope because Jesus lives and his Spirit is active in the world. In an age of self-promotion, we offer the world a community dedicated to serving others.

To serve the world:

When it comes to serving others, God’s love for us inspires and shapes us to serve others. This service comes about in our daily life: in our homes, our families, our schools, our sports fields, our music concert halls, our community service organizations, our work places and in our church. We foster discipleship that is lived outside of the church walls. We also offer opportunities to serve our neighbor, ideally in transformational partnerships, not just transactional giving.

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