October 16, 2022

The man in the picture is Judah (Genesis 44).  You might not remember his name.

In many ways, what he does suggests he should be forgotten:  Judah is someone who betrayed his brother and had an affair with another family member.  Currently, his family has no food and his brother has been arrested. 

And yet…Judah acts as an agent of God’s reconciling love, making a huge sacrifice.  Turns out that God can work through all types of people, including people with pasts they are not proud of and present situations that overwhelm them.

Last week was a sermon about God helping us through hard times and enabling us to become resilient in faith.  This week is about God working through us – broken sinners like Judah – to help others in their tough times!  

The picture is from one of the children’s bibles that are being used during the children’s sermons.