The Ordinary becomes the Extraordinary
Pastor Rob Myallis   -  

Palm Sunday 2024 (March 24)

Throughout his ministry, Jesus transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary:  donkeys, jugs of water and scraps of food.  Again and again, through faith, the ordinary becomes an extraordinary vessel of God’s love.

He further sends out his disciples to unbind things, animals and people so that which is unbound, the ordinary, can fulfill its extraordinary purpose, to become a vessel of God’s love.

Sometimes this unbinding is easy and straight-forward, like untying a donkey.  Other times the unbinding is more complex and requires undoing lies that we’ve internalized.

A reflection on the work of Jesus, in his ministry, in our lives and on the cross, to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

These ordinary Legos were transformed for an extraordinary purpose by Deep Water Baptist church in a YouTube video.