The Masks of God
Pastor Rob Myallis   -  

Sunday, October 15, 2023

The tapestry of human history is woven, sadly, with many stories and images of violence, retribution and suffering.  This week, the events of Hamas and Israel add another bloody strand to this tapestry.

The parable Jesus tells this week (Matthew 22:1-14) reflects a violent world, one in which God seems a participant in this violence.  While this is not shocking, it is disturbing to consider the role of God in the violence of human history.  Pastor Rob offers counsel from Martin Luther – do not seek to unmask God (read God’s will from the annuls of history) but rather seek to find the cross of Christ (see places where God’s mercy and reconciliation are breaking in).  This movement to see the cross of Christ in Scripture and in life is a bold move, made in faith.

The photo is of the Bayeux Tapestry accessed through the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh website.