Encountering Jesus, Lent 2: A Pharisee
Pastor Rob Myallis   -  

Lent II 2023 (March 5)

The Pharisee Project

“Hi.  I am Rob.  I am a sinner.  And sometimes a Pharisee too.”  

Jesus encounters Nicodemus, a Pharisee.  Turns out we meet Pharisees in our world today.  Sometimes they are in the mirror looking back at us.

Pharisees are people in Jesus’ day — and today — who decide to make obedience to the law the fundamental orientation of the life. In doing sp, they inevitably becoming blind to God’s love and their own sin.

A reflection on what it might mean for us to be a confessing church instead of those who advance the pharisee project.

The picture is of our youth who read the Gospel (John 3) this morning.