Encountering Jesus, Lent V: Keeping it real
Pastor Rob Myallis   -  

Lent V 2023 (March 26)

It turns out that nothing forces us to be “real” about life like dying and death.  Today Jesus meets two grieving sisters, Mary and Martha (John 11).  They are completely real and authentic with him, declaring “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”  Their real grief brings out the real love of Jesus, who reveals that he is truly the resurrection and life.

What about your story?  When has Jesus, as the resurrection and the life, showed up in your life, over and against the cross?

We know that people share stories in times of comforting others in the grief, often at or around funerals; what story will people tell of you? 

As they tell the story of you, may the ultimately tell the story of the who died and rose for you!

Note:  The picture of our youth readers during Lent.