Does God want a lanyard?
Pastor Rob Myallis   -  

Ascension 2024 (May 12)

Pastor Rob reminds us of the crafty gifts we gave to our mothers on Mother’s Day (and other such days) using a poem called “Lanyard.”  While such gifts are sentimental and cute, they really don’t adequately repay the mother for all that she has done.

The disproportional love of parent to a young child is a great illustration of God’s love for us, which is far greater than we can comprehend.  

On the Ascension Jesus gives his last instructions to his disciples.  Not surprisingly, he asks not for lanyards from them.  Rather, he asks for them to be his witnesses, those who speak the truth.

The truth we speak about — including on Mother’s day — includes the reality that sin and death are powerful forces in this life that grind away at relationships and bring us grief.  But chiefly we bear witness to God’s extravagant grace in Jesus Christ.