What makes a good inheritance?
Pastor Rob Myallis   -  

Easter 6 2023 (May 14)

What is a good inheritance?  Pastor Rob argues that a good inheritance is the gifts the dead leave behind for the living to go on living.  This can be money, heirlooms, photos, recipes, hymns, stories and even values.

Pastor Rob offers that in today’s Gospel (John 14:15-27) Jesus explains, the night before he will die, the inheritance the disciples will receive, namely, the Holy Spirit.  This inheritance is a good and glorious inheritance, one that allowed disciples then and allows disciples today to live!

Decades ago, this congregation received an inheritance of land.  We have finally found a way to put this inheritance to work, creating life from it as we building our Sacred Grounds.  Yesterday, as we moved stone into the prayer labyrinth, we took one more Spirit-filled step in building an inheritance for the next generation.