July 25, 2021

Before Jesus feeds the 5,000 (John 6:1-14), his disciples tell him that there is not enough. It is a rather silly scene, telling Jesus there is not enough. However, in our life as well, we often are forced to confess to Jesus: I am not enough.

What if this is how it is supposed to be though — that we are not enough? Pastor Rob unpacks the lie of self-sufficiency. Instead of seeking our own sufficiency, we rejoice that Christ is enough.

And instead of trying to be enough, we bring to the table what we have — our loaves and our fish. Christ does the multiplication work to produce an abundant harvest.

The picture is of loaves and fish made by the Senior Shepherds group at St. Paul.

Also, the second half of the sermon has slightly different sound.  This had to due with a failure of batteries…they, alas, lacked enough juice.