The Gospel According to Barbie (the movie)
Pastor Rob Myallis   -  

Christ the King Sunday (November 19, 2022)

In Matthew 25, Jesus separates sheep and goats (vs 31-46); the sheep, who are righteous, go to eternal life; the goats go to damnation.  Within the passage, Jesus tells the righteous that what they did “to the least of these” they did to him.  The passage serves as prod to help our neighbor in need; it also unnerves us with the final sense of judgment.

Is there anything but law and judgment here? Well, actually, there is plenty of good news!

To get at why this passage contains so much good news, Pastor Rob begins with a reflection on this year’s Barbie move and the scene in which Barbie cries for the first time.  There is heartache in this world; there is also beauty.   Where is Jesus in the midst of this and what is Jesus doing about the heartache, both in the present and in the ultimate?

I found this image on “Emily Writes”‘ blog about the movie.