Resilience and Repentance
Pastor Rob Myallis   -  

January 21, 2021 (3rd Sunday after Epiphany)

“After John (the Baptist) was arrested, Jesus went into Galilee began to proclaim the Good News…” (Mark 1:14)

The arrest of John meant Jesus could no longer continue with business as usual.  In our lives, we often encounter situations in which we cannot go back to life as it was.   What have been those situations in your life?  And how did your respond?  Frankly, we all likely have responded well to some adversity; and not so well to other challenges.  Why is this?  What makes people or at least people in certain situations more resilient?  What could make you or me more resilient?

A reflection on Jesus calling his disciples and teaching them resilience.

The image comes from “The Ursuline Sisters” webpage.