June 20, 2021

We live a cancel culture world, not just of politics, but of all relationships in which it is easy and even righteous to walk away from people.

In his second letter to the Corinthians St Paul offers us a different way to handle the brokenness of human relationships:  The ministry of reconciliation.  God’s reconciliation of all people in Christ means we are always connected to each other:  God did not cancel us and in the long run, we cannot cancel each other.

This ultimate reconciliation is grounded in Jesus’ death on the cross and culminates in the new creation of Heaven and Earth.  While we wait for Christ’s return, the Spirit opens our hearts to God’s redeeming work of reconciliation in our lives.

Also this sermon includes a coda pondering what a ministry of reconciliation might look like in regards to racial injustice and healing in the United States.

The picture comes from https://www.woodstreamchurch.org/sermon/reconciliation/