October 18, 2020

Pastor Rob explores a mystery of history:  How was it that a rag-tag group of disciples with a totally counter cultural message spread the Gospel?  The pious answer is, of course, through the Holy Spirit.  But Pastor Rob explores the more concrete answer, namely, the Christian community.  In the early church, communities of Christians gathered and lived out the faith, hope and love of Christ.  This stood in total contrast to the pagan world around them in which people looked out for themselves.

We live in a world today that is also in need of a different kind of community, not one based on achievement, class, race or popularity, but one based on faith, hope and love.  That is our Holy calling as a church, and one that by God’s grace, we are living out!  As we continue in our Season of Thanksgiving at St. Paul, on this Sunday we give God thanks for the congregation of St. Paul and the church in our lives today!

The image comes from Bible History