Generation Choose Your Own Adventure
Pastor Rob Myallis   -  

Holy Trinity 2024 (Also Confirmation!)

Decisions, decisions, decisions!!

Life is full of decisions; for young people, each decision comes with so many options.  Their life feels very much like a “Choose you own adventure” story:  What to study, whom to befriend, whom to love, where to live, what teams to try out for…

This all sounds exciting, except that with many choices comes the potential to make wrong decisions.  This can lead to lots of anxiety — did I make the right decisions?

A reflection on a man with a decision to make – Nicodemus (John 3).  Turns out he doesn’t make the right decision, but God has decided that he isn’t done with Nicodemus!

(Note: The sermon today is especially targeted toward the 14 year-olds being confirmed, but it likely resonates with all of us who face decisions in life and worry about the past decisions we’ve made.)