Pentecost 2022 (June 5, 2022)

Do you have any other family members that speak the variety of English called “Star Wars Lego English”?  If you want to be in relationship with them, you need to speak their language.  

On the first Pentecost, the people gathered from around the world can hear the disciples speaking in their own language.  In so doing, God chose to make relationship possible by speaking in our language.

This is a miracle in itself, but points to a deeper mystery, if not itself a miracle:  God lets God’s message be heard in people’s native languages. 

Each language of the world is so different, with some limitations and other possibilities.  These difference can shape how we imagine God.

This further suggests that God is okay with human limitations; our limitations do not stop God!!

It also suggests that God is open to the possibilities that every language, every culture and every person can create.