January 24, 2021

3rd Sunday after Epiphany

2021 promises to be a year of rebuilding various aspects of our lives.   I (Pastor Rob) was drawn to the image of the disciples mending their nets, as we are ‘mending the nets’ — restoring to health and usefulness — so many aspects of our lives.

As we mend our nets — as we rebuild — we need to be mindful that today Christ calls his disciples to put down their nets and follow him.  He calls them to prioritize him over any other task.  It turns out that when we do good things — perhaps especially when we do good things — we can lose sight of our good purposes and we can lose sight of THE good thing, namely, Jesus Christ.  In these cases, we are called to put down our nets and focus again on Christ.

As we mend our nets — we are called to follow Christ and build on him, who has already brought the Kingdom.  Pastor Rob concludes with a story of what this might look like to focus on Christ in our lives!  This story focuses on the work of Dave Althouse, a member of our church and long-time basketball coach at the local high school.

(You can read more about Dave here:  https://lancasteronline.com/sports/mentor-for-life-althouse-helped-athletes-win-on-off-the-floor/article_07ed6296-c9ad-5b89-857e-08a069e46587.html)