An Alternative to Cynicism
Stpaullititz   -  

Easter Sunday 2024 (March 31)

We live in an age of pessimism, in which it is easy to be cynical about present and gloomy about the future.

The women who go to the tomb of Jesus had every reason to be pessimistic, cynical and gloomy (Mark 16).  Yet they do not succumb to this attitude, but choose instead to do an act of love, courage and hope.

From where does their home come from?  Where does our hope come from?  What can move us to act in love, courage and hope in an age of cynicism?

Pastor Rob offers that the antidote to fatalism and cynicism is the forgiveness of sins and resurrection of Jesus.  For God’s forgiveness means that the story goes on — that Jesus, not our sins, is the author of our salvation.  In that hope, we can keep doing the loving, courageous and hopeful thing.   We do this, not confident that it will all turn out as we want, but trusting that Christ’s death and resurrection means God will keep the story going, arcing it toward life, thanksgiving and love.

The artwork is from the Catechesis Presentation of an Episcopalian church.