All Happy Families Are Alike
Pastor Rob Myallis   -  

June 9, 2024

Things go wrong for Jesus after his “graduation” – he leaves town, makes friends with the wrong people, gets in trouble with the law and finds religion.  When he gets home, its a bit too much for his family who confront him about this.  At this point, things get even worse, with him renouncing them (Mark 3:20-35)  

The end?

Because our God is a God of forgiveness and reconciliation, the story goes on and does work its way toward new life.  Ultimately Mary, his mother, will come back — as Jesus is dying on the cross.  And his brother and he will be united — after the resurrection.

This is certainly good news for us, because time and time again in our families, we run into situations in which frustration and unaligned expectations cause deep hurt in our families.  We often pray for years for healing. 

A reflection on how the Holy Spirit brings forgiveness into our families.

Image Source: Broken Hearts Mended – Helping Saints Heal from Divorce