Advent Peace, Part 1: Peace in our hearts
Pastor Rob Myallis   -  

Advent 1 (Sunday, Nov 26)

It turns out that changing gears on a bike is simpler than changing gears in life.

But changing gears we must, for life is filled with situations that demand that we recalibrate.  These forced recalibrations often rob us of our inner peace.  This season of Advent we will reflect on peace and Christ as our peace, beginning with peace in our hearts.

The angel’s visit to Zechariah (Luke 2:5-20), foretelling both the birth of John (  the Baptist) but also Jesus, reveals about how God works peace in us amid seasons of recalibration.  In this story, and in our lives, God invites us into silent reflection, not simply on our sins, but on God’s faithfulness, power and mercy.

This image is fromThe Whens and Whys of Mountain Bike Gear Shifting