Advent Peace 2, Peace in our families
Pastor Rob Myallis   -  

Advent 2 (December 3, 2023)

Mary and Elizabeth are the first two sisters in Christ!  (I love the painting.  I have used it before as a web image, but its just so good!)

It seems that Mary’s announcement of her pregnancy was not received well among her close family; so instead she travels far away to visit her kin, Elizabeth.  They embrace, share their story, and become sisters.  Faith in Christ allows us to build such deep friendships with people — not of genetics, but of a common story.  (To put it more bluntly: friendships not of human blood and contracts, but of Jesus’ blood in the new covenant.)

A reflection on peace in our families, which often seems so elusive.  God seems to employ a two strong strategy – create new friends in faith that become our brothers and sisters in Christ; ultimately, in the end, heal the wounds in our family.