Sunday, September 20, 2020

“It’s not fair!”  These are words we learn quickly as children; “It’s not fair” is also the grumbling of many in the Scripture passages today (Jonah 4 and Matthew 20:1-16); “It’s not fair” is also something that many said about the events of this past week in Lancaster — a tragic succession of events that shook the community.

So, what is fair?  How might God’s justice differ from our own?  Pastor Rob looks at the story of Jonah, arguing that God’s justice is not focused on retribution and reward, but on reconciliation and renewal.  Justice is served when all has been made right.  The work of the cross is bringing about this kind of justice; the work of prayer is figuring out how we can live in a world that still needs retribution and reward, yet always hoping for God’s justice of reconciliation.