February 7, 2021

Fifth Sunday of Epiphany

Healing isn’t the same thing as getting rid of a disease.¬† ¬†Healing is something more; it is about becoming whole again in mind, body and spirit.

Right now we are all looking to the vaccine as a place of healing.  While it will protect against the disease and lead to many other changes, it in itself, cannot bring the healing that we need in our lives.

Pastor Rob reflects on both Jesus’ healing of Peter’s mother-in-law Mark (1:31-41) and God’s transformation of the exiles in Isaiah (40:21-31) as ways to understand God’s work of healing and wholeness in our lives and in our world.

This sermon concludes with an invitation to join St. Paul this Lent, as we journey to the cross, with Jesus, that we may be healed and made whole through his life and love.

The photo comes from an NIH page about vaccines.